Cosmetic Treatments

So why not make your first impression, a lasting one

In the olden day’s dentistry was as simple as fillings and having your teeth taken out. However, dentistry is changing. With that change comes a new group of people who have turned to Cosmetic Dentistry to help them achieve the smile they have always wanted. The treatments we offer can be used to repair, reshape, lighten or even straighten your teeth.

At the Parkway we are able to provide our patients with almost every dental procedure available on the private dental market. Gone are the days of been referred from one dentist to another.

As a Parkway patient you will be able to have cosmetic treatments such as;

Crowns, Bridges, Implants, Tooth Whitening, Facial Aesthetics treatments and much more.

We all should look after our teeth by brushing, flossing and having regular trips to The Parkway for your dental health review. Sometimes however, we need a little bit of help to ensure that our smile looks it’s best. Teeth can become stained by food and drink for example. Grinding your teeth coupled with age can have a severe effect on the overall appearance of your smile.

Due to the celebrity driven culture that we live in the appearance of a person’s teeth has been thrust into the mainstream. The condition of a celebrity’s teeth can be the main talking point of tabloid newspapers and gossip magazines.

With more and more people adopting the American tradition of Dentistry in the United Kingdom, cosmetic dentistry is one of the fastest growing industries in health and beauty.

Cosmetic dentistry can change the way a person feels about themselves. Studies have shown that a beautiful smile can help people develop self-confidence they have never previously had.

The same study showed that the first thing people notice while meeting somebody for the first time is their smile.

So why not make your first impression, a lasting one with the Parkway Cosmetic Dentistry.