Smooth and contemporary, correcting the position of your teeth.

Smooth and contemporary, correcting the position of your teeth.

Straightening teeth with the aesthetic ClearSmile Aligner has become an important form of therapy in contemporary orthodontics, combining comfort and anaesthetics.

People will hardly notice you are wearing a splint, because the ClearSmile Aligner is transparent and smooth, without any brackets or metal components.


What is the ClearSmile system?

ClearSmile aligner is a clear removable cosmetic appliance designed to straighten your front 6-8 teeth. Unlike metallic braces, these practically invisible aligners can be removed at any time. Treatment with ClearSmile is almost completely painless because it uses very small amounts of pressure to gently straighten your teeth. ClearSmile aligners are smooth and manufactured from lightweight transparent materials custom made for each patient, making them very comfortable.

Is ClearSmile Aligner system suitable for adults?

Yes, ClearSmile treatment is in fact designed only for adults.

How long does treatment with ClearSmile Aligners take?

Treatment normally lasts 6-24 months, depending on the position of your teeth. Your practitioner will set out treatment times before you start your ClearSmile treatment.

Who Will Treat Me?

Prash Vasudevan
Dental Surgeon
Prash Vasudevan Dr Prash Vasudevan obtained MFDS (RCS London) 2004. He has worked at Parkway Clinic since 2010, having worked in various Maxillofacial Units in the UK and in Private ...
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