Teeth whitening

Have Your Own Aber-TOWIE Smile

A Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Offering Natural –Looking Smiles

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dentistry treatment offering natural-looking results. When conducted with proper skill and attention, teeth whitening can offer extremely good – and subtle – results in a relatively short space of time. Our dental professionals will examine and shade-match your teeth to achieve results which look both natural and attractive.

Tooth discoloration has many causes, some of which are merely a natural consequence of growing older. The things we eat and drink can also take their toll – particularly red wine and caffeine-rich drinks – as well as smoking of course. Our dentists can help you to reverse these effects, leaving you with a brighter, whiter smile.

Safe, established teeth whitening techniques to enhance your smile

We offer patients teeth whitening treatment to be conducted at home. We offer Nite White, a leading home bleaching system. This has been clinically proven to minimise sensitivity and post-treatment fade back, giving the teeth a lustrous glossy sheen.

Our teeth whitening assurance of safety

As a regional Centre of Dental Excellence, The Parkway is completely committed to offering our patients only treatments which have been proven to be risk-free and reliable.

Extensive research and clinical studies indicate that whitening teeth under the supervision of a Dentist is a safe procedure. You can trust our Dentists to help achieve the smile you are looking for in complete safety.

What’s the Cost?

Consultation free, with treatment starting from £295

Who Will Treat Me?

Darren Owakee
Clinical Director, Specialist Oral Surgeon & Dental Surgeon
Qualifying BDS (Leeds) 1992 and FDS (RCS Eng) 1996, Darren is an accredited Specialist in Oral Surgery. He has a Diploma in Implant Dentistry (RCS Eng). Having been an ...
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Pam Norman
Dental Surgeon
Dr Pam Norman is a General Dental Practitioner who joined the Parkway family in February 2011 with over 30 years of treating NHS & Private Patients. Pam is President of ...
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Prash Vasudevan
Dental Surgeon
Prash Vasudevan Dr Prash Vasudevan obtained MFDS (RCS London) 2004. He has worked at Parkway Clinic since 2010, having worked in various Maxillofacial Units in the UK and in Private ...
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Mike Gray
Dental Surgeon
GDC :177943 Qualified BDS (Bristol) 2009 with the largest amount of academic prizes awarded to any one student. Completed MFDS (RCS Edin) 2011 and is one of a handful of British ...
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