Dental Hygiene Services


What is Dental Hygiene?

Our resident Dental Hygienist offers a dental cleaning service to complement your everyday routine. This is a professional cleaning of your teeth, which can achieve a far greater degree of cleanliness than brushing alone could ever manage.

How Treatment will Benefit You

Skilled Hygienists help solve problems like bad breath and prevent tooth loss through gum disease. You should never underestimate the importance of regular Hygienist visits in maintaining excellent dental health…or the difference that a clean and healthy mouth makes to our overall sense of well-being.

You will benefit from dental hygiene in the following ways:-

Oral Health Education
Flossing Techniques
Professional Cleaning
Preventing/Treatment of Gum Disease

How much is Treatment?

Hygiene Appointment
Starting From
Professional Cleaning
Flossing Techniques
Oral Health Education
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Did You Know?

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