Dental Treatments

Regular Examinations to Maintain Your Oral Health

Restoring Damaged Teeth with Durable, Natural-Looking Crowns

Bridges Are Cemented Onto Existing Teeth To Provide a Permanent Solution to Tooth Loss

Relieving Anxiety if you Need to Have a Tooth Removed.

Preventing Bad Breath and Tooth Loss Through Gum Disease

Better Fitting, Natural-Looking Dentures.

The Ultimate Long Lasting Solution to Tooth Loss

Reliable Protection for Sports Players and Teeth Grinders

A Tried and Tested Treatment with Tooth Coloured “White Fillings”

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Did You Know?

PWC Facial Aesthetics

 Parkway now offers a range of facial aesthetic procedures including Injectable Treatments for Facial Lines, Dermal Fillers, Facial Rejuvenation, PRP – Dracula Facial and Creams.

Parkway Dental Clinic Swansea