Dental implants

The Ultimate Long Lasting Solution to Tooth Loss

What is a Dental Implant?

A Dental Implant is an artificial tooth root substitute, commonly a screw or cylinder shape, placed carefully at a precise location of an intended tooth replacement. Once fitted, it provides the foundation for the long-term support of replacement teeth, crowns, bridges or dentures. The result is often not only an enhanced smile, but also a more youthful appearance.

Implants are suitable for replacement of:-

  • Lost single or multiple teeth through trauma or dental disease
  • Deteriorated teeth through age or illness
  • Loose removable full or partial dentures

What are the Benefits of a Dental Implant?

Firstly, there is a very high success rate with dental implants, which is currently around 90 to 95%, on average. These figures do vary according to which part of the mouth is being treated.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduces the risk of bone loss
  • Function as well as natural teeth
  • Easy to clean – just like natural teeth
  • Do not alter your natural tooth structure
  • Fit in well with your natural teeth

Another advantage is that they do not move around or are as ill-fitting compared to dentures. Dentures are a popular replacement for natural teeth, but some people do find them awkward or difficult to get used to. In these cases, an implant can be a better option.

Pain-free, fear-free Implants for Nervous Patients

At the Parkway we take the concerns of nervous patients – and those who suffer from fear of the dentist –extremely seriously. A dental Implant may be a straightforward form of dental treatment, but the anxiety which it can provoke in many patients is very real. We offer nervous and phobic patients the option of Local Anaesthesia, Sedation dentistry or General Anaesthetic for all dental procedures, depending on suitability. It is all part of the gentle, considerate approach which The Parkway is known for.

What’s the Cost?

  • Consultation – £130 (Including OPT)
  • Treatment starting from – £2,200

Who will treat me?

Jonathan Rees
Dental surgeon & Implantologist
Jonathan Rees is a Specialist Oral Surgeon and a General Dental Surgeon. His clinical practice is dedicated to the surgical procedures related to the placement, restoration and maintenance of dental ...
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Barry Holmes
Dental Surgeon & Implantologist
Barry qualified BDS from Guys, Kings & St Thomas in 2004. After two years in General Practice, he gained his membership of the Royal College of Surgeons by undergoing surgical ...
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Darren Owakee
Clinical Director, Specialist Oral Surgeon & Dental Surgeon
Qualifying BDS (Leeds) 1992 and FDS (RCS Eng) 1996, Darren is an accredited Specialist in Oral Surgery. He has a Diploma in Implant Dentistry (RCS Eng). Having been an ...
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Dr Mike Heilbron
Specialist in Prosthodontics
& Dental Surgeon
Michael Heilbron is a registered Specialist in Prosthodontics. He was awarded a prestigious Masters Degree in Conservative Dentistry in 1993 and he lectures extensively on the art and science of ...
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