Root canals

Saving teeth and freeing patients from lasting dental problems.

Root canal treatment is an established form of dental treatment which can help preserve teeth which might otherwise be lost, producing consistently good results for many years to come.

Sometimes called endodontic treatment, the procedure is required when the pulp inside the tooth has become infected or died as a result of accidental damage or decay. The only alternative to endodontic treatment is extraction of the tooth.

Treating the infection prevents it from spreading throughout the root canal system of the tooth. If this were to be left unchecked, the most likely result would be an abscess – a condition which can be extremely painful and may ultimately lead to damage in the bone around the tooth. Even if the abscess is painless, if left untreated, it may compromise any further treatment planned on the tooth, such as crowns.

How root canal treatment works

Root canal work involves removing the infected pulp and filling the root canals. The root canals are extremely small and are rarely straight. We have highly skilled professionals who can offer just this type of expertise.

The treatment normally would take two visits to complete. If you have chosen to have the treatment under a Local Anaesthetic, the tooth and surrounding area will be made numb so you will not feel any pain. All the infected pulp is removed. The canals are cleaned with strong antiseptics and then sealed. Sometimes, this first filling is temporary, and the canals are filled permanently once the area has settled down. If the tooth is left weakened, we may recommend a crown to strengthen it.

Pain Free, Fear Free Root Canals For Nervous Patients

At the Parkway we take the concerns of nervous patients – and those who suffer from fear of the dentist – extremely seriously. A Root Canal can be a complex form of dental treatment, and the anxiety that patients may feel is very real. We offer nervous and phobic patients the option of local anaesthesia, sedation dentistry or general anaesthetic for all dental procedures, depending on suitability. It’s all part of the gentle, considerate approach which The Parkway is known for.

What’s the cost?

  • Consultation – £145
  • Treatment starting from – £275

In cases of exceptional difficulty extra appointments may be required and further costs may be involved.

Who will treat me?

Akhila Muthukrishnan
Specialist in Special Care Dentistry
& Oral Surgery
BDS, MPhil, FDSRCS, FFDRCSI Akhila is a Specialist in Special Care Dentistry and Oral Surgery. She developed a special interest in Endodontics taking referrals in non-surgical and surgical Endodontics with ...
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Lyndon Meehan
Dental Surgeon
BDS, BSc, MJDF RCS (Eng), MSc Endo Dr Lyndon Meehan obtained his degree in Dental Technology in 2000 from UWIC in South Wales and his BDS from University of Wales College ...
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