Can I refer any of my patients for specialist treatments?
Yes, some may be referred under the Local Health Board contract and will be seen on the contract list. You may also refer your patient to see one of our Specialists privately on our private referral form.

How long will my patient need to wait to be seen on the Local Health Board contract?
The waiting list will vary depending on the contract size governed by the Local Health Board. We will endeavour to keep you and your patient informed of our waiting lists upon request.

Can I refer a patient for suspicious lesions?
Yes – This can be done using the relevant Local Health Board referral form, or privately using the parkway clinic private referral form.

Who will provide the after-care for my patient?
We will provide the relevant review and after-care appointments for any treatment carried out at Parkway Clinic.

Can I refer a patient for implant placements and carry out the restorative procedure myself?
Yes – We will only carry out the treatment requested by you, the referring Dentist, and as agreed with your patient. We can provide a complete implant service including placement and restorative procedure for your patient. We can also provide treatment with sedation or under general anaesthetic if appropriate.