Can my child eat and drink before their appointment?
Your child must not eat or drink anything for at least six hours prior to their appointment.

Can my child’s Grandparents or another family member bring them to their appointment?
Patient’s under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Legal guardians must bring proof of guardianship to the appointment.

Can I travel home on public transport after my child’s appointment?
You will need to go home in a car or a taxi, NOT on a bus or train. If using your own transport, DRIVER MUST REMAIN ON SITE THROUGHOUT THE DURATION OF YOUR VISIT.

Can I bring my other children to the appointment?
You must not bring any other children with you other than the patient.

Can my child go to school after their appointment?
A child having treatment must not attend school within 24 hours after their treatment.

My child has a cold sore. Can they still be treated?
Patients with any oral/facial cold sores will not be treated until the lesions are healed.

My child is unwell, can they still be treated?
Patients who are unwell will not be treated at the clinic until they are fully recovered. Please inform us of any medical conditions they may have before the operation.

What can my child wear for the operation?
Your child can wear loose clothing and sensible low shoes.

Will my child be prescribed pain relief?
We will give your child a one off dose of pain relief at the clinic. It is your responsibility to have pain relief for your child at home.