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Four tooth friendly foods for your children’s packed lunch

With children’s tooth decay in Wales a hot media topic this month, this blog post looks at four tooth friendly foods for your children’s packed lunch. When we are doing the household shopping we don’t always have time to look … Read more >

Getting ready for a spring wedding in Swansea

Christmas is now a distant memory and with Easter fast approaching it’s nearly time for us to start getting ready for ‘wedding season’. Here are some tips for those of you who are getting ready for a spring wedding in … Read more >

How to encourage children in Swansea to brush and floss

When it comes to getting the children to do things, many parents find it difficult, especially when it comes to something less exciting such as brushing and flossing their teeth. Children are too young to understand the threat of poor … Read more >

The worst foods for tooth enamel

When it comes to tooth enamel, there are certain foods that can wear it down and stain your teeth more than others. Here are some of the worst foods for tooth enamel that are best kept to a minimum! Soft … Read more >

Dental habits that can ruin your smile

Parkway Dental Clinic offers advice to its patients on how to keep their smile healthy and pretty by avoiding these five dental health habits that can ruin their smile. Failing to floss Many patients fail to realise that flossing daily … Read more >

Keeping your teeth sparkling after teeth whitening

There is nothing like that day when you walk out of your dental practice with new, shiny white teeth. You not only look younger but you also feel more confident with your newly painted smile. Teeth whitening is affordable and … Read more >

Emergency dentist in Swansea

Most of us will experience dental pain and discomfort at some point during our lives.  However, no one knows just when the pain will strike, which is why it is important to know where to find an emergency dentist if … Read more >

Five Benefits of teeth whitening for patients in Swansea

If you want to improve your appearance on a limited budget, you should consider teeth whitening, as it provides a quick and affordable way of making you look and feel good. Here are some of the benefits of teeth whitening: … Read more >

Health conditions your Swansea dentist can spot

  When it comes to dentists, you expect them to flag up common dental problems such as tooth decay, gum disease or when you need braces or implants. However,many of us don’t realise that visiting the dentist regularly can help … Read more >

Thinking of a career in Dentistry for 2015

As the New Year approaches many of us start to think about planning for the future as we look back on what we have achieved this year and what we hope to achieve in the New Year. Here are some … Read more >