If you are able to answer yes to the majority of these questions then it is totally reasonable to assume that you suffer from some form of dental phobia.


  • Have you avoided dental and/or oral medical treatment because of your fear?
  • Have you carried on far longer with pain in your tooth or an infection because of your fear of attending the dentist?
  • Do you have an overwhelming fear when you think about attending an appointment at the dentist?
  • If you hear a dental drill sound, does this cause you a very high level of anxiety?
  • Have you had this fear for some time, following a difficult experience in childhood with the dentist?


Do any of the following images make you feel uneasy or fearful?














If one of more of these images make you feel nervous or uncomfortable it could be down to a dental phobia. At Parkway Clinic we have over 20 years experience in helping those who suffer from a dental phobia in Swansea, South Wales and across the United Kingdom. Depending on what type of dental phobia you suffer from we can help.

Visit our phobia page or call 01792 455780 to find out how with our help your future can be as perfect as your smile.

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