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Here at The Parkway, our treatments can have a transformative effect on the lives of our patients. We offer a full range of treatments right here in Swansea, so whether you come to us for a regular examination, general dentistry treatments such as fillings, crowns or bridges, or cosmetic dentistry including teeth whitening and veneers, you’ll benefit from the same commitment to the highest standards of excellence.

We welcome patients from all over South Wales – and beyond – and of all ages to our clinic. They enjoy the comfortable surroundings and benefit from some of the most highly skilled staff in the area.

On the following pages you can read about the full range of treatments we offer, from sophisticated techniques such as placing dental implants to tried-and-tested cosmetic solutions.

Dental Treatments

Our Full Treatment Range
Oral Surgery
G.A & Sedation

Oral Surgery Include Wisdom Teeth Removal, Removal of Lumps and Bumps, Tongue Ties & Extractions for Orthodontic Treatments.

Dental Treatments include, Dental Health Review, Hygiene Services, Fillings, Extractions, Root Canals, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, Implants, TMJ & Joint Pain, Facial Pain & Mouth/Night Guards.

Cosmetic Treatments Include, Facial Aesthetics, Tooth Whitening, Smile Makeovers, Veneers, Full Mouth Reconstruction, Wedding Day Smile Makeovers, Crowns, Bridges & Implants.

We offer a range of Orthodontic Treatments including Invisalign, Six Month Smiles, Clearsmile & Inman Aligners.

Suffer From a Dental Phobia? Or Would You Prefer to Snooze Through Your Procedure? The Majority of Our Treatments are Avaialble with General Anaestheticc and Sedation When Suitable.

With Age Comes Wisdom

Wisdom Teeth

Discomfort or severe pain from your wisdom teeth requires a consultation with a Dentist or Specialist Oral Surgeon. They will advise you on any necessary treatment required, whether conservative or surgical.

A radiograph (x-ray) is taken which locates the position of your wisdom teeth. This also helps to assess how difficult a possible extraction may be.

Routine, difficult or impacted wisdom teeth can be removed with local anaesthetic, under sedation or general anaesthetic, as appropriate, by a Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon or Specialist Oral Surgeon.

Lumps, Bumps, Oral Lesions & Suspected Cancer

Removal of Lumps & Bumps

Not all lumps and bumps are cancerous, but some lesions have a greater potential for becoming cancerous. Your Dentist should include a standardised oral examination inside and outside your mouth which will only take a few minutes.

Early detection saves lives. It is possible to detect oral cancer early with regular check-ups and prompt investigations. Tissue changes inside and outside the mouth may be a sign of early cancer. At Parkway Clinic our Consultants and Specialist Oral Surgeons are committed to thorough investigations and early diagnosis of oral cancers.

Relieving Anxiety if you Need to have a Tooth Removed.


A very common reason for extraction involves a tooth that is too badly damaged, from trauma or decay, to be repaired. At The Parkway, we are committed to the principle that permanent teeth can last a lifetime and we will always do our best to preserve your natural teeth wherever we possibly can. Nevertheless, teeth that have become damaged or decayed do sometimes need to be extracted.

A Frenectomy a Small Surgical Procedure to Treat a Tongue Tie.

Tongue Tie

Regular examinations to maintain excellent oral health.

A lifetime of good oral health starts with a successful basic routine: a meticulously conducted dental check-up twice a year, brushing your teeth in the morning and evening with a fluoride toothpaste, cleaning between the teeth with floss or an inter-dental brush, and cutting down on sugary drinks and snacks.

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