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What the Parkway Offers


  • IV Sedation
  • General and Local Anaesthesia
  • Wisdom Tooth removal
  • Dental Implants
  • Oral & Maxillofacial surgery
  • Endodontics
  • Treatment of nervous patients
  • NHS-funded tooth extraction for children
  • Restorative Dentistry



NHS-funded Tooth Extraction

UDA Contracts

From April 2013 Parkway Clinic operates under a UDA contract for the following:

  1. Extractions under Sedation for Adults from the ABMU area
  2. Extractions under Local Anaesthetic for Adults from the ABMU area

When referring patients for these services, please ensure that the referral forms are completed fully and radiographs are enclosed to support the referral.

Parkway Clinic still have Service Level Agreements to treat children under General Anaesthetic or Sedation from both the ABMU and Hywel Dda areas.

Please contact the Clinic for further information on any of our services.

Our normal working hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm.

IV Sedation

The Parkway Clinic offers the only realistic solution for patients requiring General Anaesthetic and Sedation services, but do not want to have their treatment delayed by lengthy hospital waiting lists. These services are also ideal for nervous patients, or those who require particularly lengthy or complex procedures.

Intravenous (IV) is where the sedation is injected, usually in the back of the hand, and makes the patient more relaxed and drowsy under more controllable conditions. Patients often say it feels as if they were asleep during their treatment.

Our facilities at SA1 include two fully-equipped, purpose-built treatment theatres. All sedations are provided by Consultant Anaesthetists. Referral processes are made quick and simple with supplied Referral Packs in full accordance with General Dental Council Guidelines.

General Anaesthetic Dentistry

General Anaesthetic is suitable for many patients who, for a number of good reasons, are undergoing treatments requiring more than a Local Anaesthetic or Sedation.  This may be due to the type of treatment, but is especially recommended for nervous and phobic patients who would prefer not to be conscious during their treatments.  We are the only dental clinic in South West Wales licensed to carry out dentistry and minor oral surgery under General Anaesthesia and the only alternative to NHS hospital treatment, if this is required.

If you are unsure which method of sedation or Anaesthesia would be best for you, or if you have any concerns, our Specialists will be happy to speak with you.  Both of these options require prior completion of our Medical Questionnaire with a discussion on the procedures and suitability for individual patients.  Our primary focus is on a safe and gentle environment for your dental care. We will guide you through your treatments with a high level of care and attention.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Parkway Clinic is the only alternative to NHS-provided Oral & Maxillofacial surgery in South West Wales. We offer a range of services to patients who do not want to face long waiting lists, or who simply prefer to be treated privately.

We are fortunate to have the services of 4 of the region’s Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons at the clinic, assuring you and your patients of the best possible clinical care and results. Our Surgeons are backed by an experienced team of Anaesthetists and support staff within two ultra-modern, fully equipped operating theatres.

Services include treatment of atypical facial pain, TMJ pain, removal of wisdom teeth and other complex extractions, dental implants and the examination of suspicious oral lesions.

Dental Implants

We welcome referrals for consultation and treatments for all types of clinical situation. The Clinic uses Straumann implants. Implant Surgery is usually carried out under local anaesthetic (numbing), however approximately 5% of patients require sedation or general anaesthesia, which can be arranged at the clinic.

Endodontic Referrals

Akhila Muthukrishnan

Akhila is a Specialist in Special Care Dentistry and Oral Surgery. She has developed a special interest in Endodontics taking referrals in non-surgical and surgical Endodontics with the expertise, knowledge and specialised equipment to carry out root canal treatment to a proven high standard. A fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in England and RCS Ireland, she joined the Department of Restorative Dentistry in Morriston Hospital, Swansea, in 1997 and was appointed Associate Specialist in Restorative Dentistry in 2002. She has organised and lectured on the Clinical Endodontics course and Endodontic Surgery course conducted by the Dental Postgraduate department. Akhila aims to achieve high success rates for conventional and surgical endodontic treatment. These compare favourably with the results from international scientific studies. She is also experienced in the management of anxious patients and provides treatment under sedation as appropriate.

Lyndon Meehan

Dr Lyndon Meehan obtained his degree in Dental Technology in 2000 from UWIC in South Wales and his BDS from University of Wales College of Medicine in 2005. He then went on to undertake the MJDF qualification from the Royal College of Surgeons in England in 2009. Lyndon has worked in NHS general practice and now in private dental practice in South Wales. He has previously worked in the Restorative Dentistry Department at Morriston Hospital, Swansea and at Kings College Hospital, London Centre for Dental Trauma as a Specialty Dentist in Endodontics (root canal treatment). He has a special interest in Sports Dentistry and management of dental trauma. He is currently a Dental Advisor to several Premier League Football Clubs.

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PWC Facial Aesthetics

 Parkway now offers a range of facial aesthetic procedures including Injectable Treatments for Facial Lines, Dermal Fillers, Facial Rejuvenation, PRP – Dracula Facial and Creams.

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