Parkway young artists

At the Parkway we treat thousands of children every year in our purpose built surgeries. With over ten years’ experience in treating children you can rest assured your child will receive the care and attention they deserve from our fantastic dentist, surgeons and nurses.

However, we do understand that visiting the practice to have treatment can be a stressful time for not only the child, but the parents/carers too. Our nursing staff are trained to the highest standard in child care and pride themselves on relating to the child on a level that makes them feel as comfortable as possible.

We’ve learnt over the years that a great way to help a child patient is the risk and reward system, mixed in with a bit of playful distraction to help relieve some anxiety felt by a nervous patient.

One of the ways in which we help our child patients to relax is our Young Artist Competition.

Once in the practice you’ll be signed in and given the option as to whether your child would like to enter our competition. Once entered the drawing will be uploaded directly to Facebook while you child is in surgery. While waiting for you child to come out of surgery you might like to visit our Facebook page where you will discover the drawing.

The winner of the competition is decided by how many likes the drawing has received over the month, so it’s up to you to ask for the support of friends and family to help. The winner receives our very prestigious prize. A Parkway Goodie Box filled with fantastic toys and goodies.

The winner will also enter our hall of fame and their drawing will be displayed in and around the clinic for everybody to see.

And finally, the dentist who referred the winning child to our clinic will receive a prize so your child’s drawing can be displayed in your regular dentist to be seen every time they visit for their regular check-up.

Hall of Fame