Dr Cianna O’brien Parkway Clinic 2

Dr Cianna O’brien

Special interest in Periodontics


Cianna is a conscientious, enthusiastic, and good-humoured young dentist with seven years of experience in both primary and secondary care. She graduated with honours from the University of Manchester in 2016 with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS).
Recently, Cianna successfully completed a 3-year doctorate degree in Periodontology at Trinity College Dublin, earning a full-time doctorate in periodontology – D.CH.DENT (Periodontology) – in October 2023. Her immediate goal is to apply for inclusion on the specialist register in periodontology.
Cianna possesses a natural ability to establish rapport with patients, communicate effectively, and seamlessly collaborate within a team. Her innate skills and unwavering dedication have consistently earned her the trust and satisfaction of her patients.
Her specific expertise encompasses complex periodontal surgery, mucogingival surgery, and implant surgery, reflecting her commitment to providing comprehensive care to patients seeking advanced dental treatments.
Beyond her clinical expertise, Cianna is deeply committed to promoting patient awareness of oral health. She extends her care to individuals with dental phobia and dental neglect, offering guidance and support to motivate their oral health rehabilitation.
Cianna’s journey is characterized by her profound passion for dentistry, unwavering commitment to excellence, and a compassionate approach to patient care.
Outside the dental practice, Cianna is an ardent sailor, having actively served on various sailing committees and enthusiastically participating in competitive racing. She highly values the camaraderie and leadership skills acquired through sailing.
Furthermore, she maintains a dedicated fitness routine, previously as a member of a Crossfit gym in Cardiff, and she eagerly anticipates resuming her routine upon returning to Cardiff.
During her leisure time, Cianna enjoys a wide array of activities, including quality time with loved ones, culinary adventures, painting, gardening, knitting, and attending live music events. She also relishes outdoor pursuits such as skiing, hiking, and peaceful moments on the west coast of Ireland. Presently, she dedicates time to walks and reading periodontology journals.

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