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Referrals Are Accepted From General Dental Practitioners, Community Paediatricians, General Practitioners & Local Hospital Consultants.

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UDA Contracts from April 2013 – Parkway Clinic operates under a UDA contract for the following:

When referring patients for these services, please ensure that the referral forms are completed fully and radiographs are enclosed to support the referral.

Parkway Clinic have current Service Level Agreements to treat children under General Anaesthetic or Sedation from both the SBU and Hywel Dda areas.

Our primary focus is on a safe and gentle environment for your dental care. We will guide you through your treatments with a high level of care and attention. You can be assured you will be treated with respect, understanding and compassion at all times – our skills and expertise mean you are in the best possible hands.

  • Extractions under Local Anaesthetic for Adults from the SBU area.


The Parkway Clinic offers the only realistic solution for patients requiring General Anaesthetic and Sedation services, who do not want to have their treatment delayed by lengthy hospital waiting lists. These services are also ideal for nervous patients, or those who require particularly lengthy or complex procedures.

Intravenous (IV) is where the sedation is injected, usually in the back of the hand, and makes the patient more relaxed and drowsy under more controllable conditions. Patients often say it feels as if they were asleep during their treatment.

Our facilities at SA1 include two fully-equipped, purpose-built treatment theatres. All sedations are provided by Consultant Anaesthetists.

Referral processes are made quick and simple with supplied Referral Packs in full accordance with General Dental Council Guidelines.

General Anaesthetic is suitable for many patients who, for a number of good reasons, are undergoing treatments requiring more than a Local Anaesthetic or Sedation.  This may be due to the type of treatment, but is especially recommended for nervous and phobic patients who would prefer not to be conscious during their treatments.  We are the only dental clinic in South West Wales licensed to carry out dentistry and minor oral surgery under General Anaesthesia and the only alternative to NHS hospital treatment, if this is required.

If you are unsure which method of sedation or Anaesthesia would be best for you, or if you have any concerns, our Specialists will be happy to speak with you.  Both of these options require prior completion of our Medical Questionnaire with a discussion on the procedures and suitability for individual patients. 

Our primary focus is on a safe and gentle environment for your dental care. We will guide you through your treatments with a high level of care and attention.

We welcome referrals for consultation and treatments for all types of clinical situation. The Clinic uses Straumann implants. Implant Surgery is usually carried out under local anaesthetic (numbing), however approximately 5% of patients require sedation or general anaesthesia, which can be arranged at the clinic.

The Implants are used to support the missing teeth, which are placed the same day. Introducing Megagen AnyRidge dental implant system.


Yes, some may be referred under the Local Health Board contract and will be seen on the contract list. You may also refer your patient to see one of our Specialists privately on our private referral form.

The waiting list will vary depending on the contract size governed by the Local Health Board. We will endeavour to keep you and your patient informed of our waiting lists upon request.

Yes – This can be done using the relevant Local Health Board referral form, or privately using the parkway clinic private referral form.

Yes – We will only carry out the treatment requested by you, the referring Dentist, and as agreed with your patient. We can provide a complete implant service including placement and restorative procedure for your patient.

We can also provide treatment with sedation or under general anaesthetic if appropriate.