Christine Thomas

Dental Hygienist


Christine Thomas, of Parkway Clinic in Swansea, was awarded the Hygienist of the Year 2023 award, sponsored by BSDHT and LISTERINE PROFESSIONAL. She is a remarkable member of our team and we are proud to have her represent us on a national level. Christine’s commitment to providing the best care possible is matched by her deep sense of empathy. Her interactions with patients, team members, and other clinicians demonstrate her strong values of fairness, equality, respect, and kindness. She exceeds expectations by consistently going above and beyond, always being there for those who need her.

During appointments, Christine prioritises giving her patients ample time to be heard and feel valued. She collaborates well with her team to ensure continuity of care and optimal support for every patient. Christine is forward-thinking, always eager to learn about new technologies such as the EMS airflow, that can enhance our services and improve the patient experience. Her unwavering commitment to clinical excellence, constant drive for improvement, and genuine compassion make her an indispensable and beloved member of our exceptional team.