Mike Gray

Dental Surgeon

GDC- 177943

In 2009, Dr Mike Gray graduated from  Bristol Dental School by securing an unprecedented number of academic accolades, more than any other student in his cohort.

His academic excellence marked the beginning of a promising career in dentistry.

Following his graduation, Dr Gray dedicated four years to intensive postgraduate training within the hospital system. This period was pivotal, enriching him with significant surgical expertise and a deep understanding of complex restorative practices.

Furthermore, Dr Gray broadened his professional horizon through clinical placements in the United States and Canada, culminating in his certification by the Canadian Dental Board.

Currently, Dr Gray specialises in cosmetic dentistry, offering a wide range of treatments from simple composite bonding to the most comprehensive full mouth rehabilitations. His unique approach combines his surgical prowess with restorative techniques to enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of dental treatments. This blend of skills was nationally recognised when he won the prestigious restorative category at the Dentistry Clinical Case Awards 2022 for an outstanding Full Mouth Rehabilitation Case.

For a glimpse into his remarkable work, you can follow Mike on his Instagram account.( Chris can you place the link here )

Dr Gray’s journey from a highly decorated student to a renowned cosmetic dental surgeon underscores his commitment to excellence in dental care, with a particular emphasis on improving patients’ quality of life through advanced cosmetic procedures.

We are immensely proud to have Dr Mike Gray as part of our team at Parkway Clinic. His dedication to caring for our patients and his ability to create unbelievable smiles are truly invaluable. Dr Gray’s presence enriches our clinic, not only through his professional achievements but also through his unwavering commitment to excellence in patient care. His work embodies our clinic’s ethos of transforming lives by transforming smiles, making him a pivotal member of our dental team.

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